Become an Interior Decorator – Case Study of a Mompreneur

“It’s easy to get it right”, says interior decorator guru, Linda Fornam, when I ask her views on the subject of that all important home makeover we all tend to ponder over at some time during the year. Linda offers an Interior Decorating consultancy to clients where she visits their homes and helps them to realize the full potential of their living space. Working with clients Linda advises on color and interior finishes helping maximize the use of space and light. Linda also coaches others on how to become an interior decorator.

How To Become An Interior Decorator – Linda’s Personal Story

Back in the 90’s, having been a home based mum for almost five years, Linda wondered if her interest in interior decorating could be turned into a business from home. So Linda set about finding out how to become an interior decorator. With no formal training, but armed with a good text guide and a flair for color, she soon found out that in fact she could become an interior decorator, and her aspiration was realised when she got the opportunity to decorate a friends house. This friend had a PR business, and when the results of Linda’s makeover were spectacular, word spread quickly, and Linda has been inundated with work ever since and has never looked back.

“I would have thought that to become an interior decorator would be very difficult and challenging but if you have the passion and talent it is entirely possible for anyone to become an interior decorator” said Linda.

Practical Issues When You Become An Interior Decorator

Jobs can take anywhere from one month to 15 weeks to finish, and Linda’s favourite part of the job is to be on hand and to recognise and offer smart practical tips while working on the transformation.

“There’s a great buss with every job, and you get to meet some great characters. And of course the neighbours are always there to keep an eye on you and pitch in with their ideas”.

Buts it’s not all plain sailing and sometimes the nerves do get little strayed. “Sometimes I do worry that someone will absolutely hate it, but thankfully that has never happened and they really love it”.

And of course there are the daily challenges when you become an interior decorator, wrong carpets delivered, paint that won’t dry. But most of the time is terrific. The secret is to give the customer the tools to live with on their own. Decluttering is an integral part of interior decorating. People have so many reasons to hold on to things, sentimental reasons, genuine horders, inherited heirlooms, but to live in a clutter free house is so much better for you, Linda believes.

“You get a sense of wellbeing” Linda says, “My rule of thumb is if you can’t see it you don’t need it”. When you become an interior decorator you will learn that one biggest mistakes people make is when buying a couch, either because of the color they choose or the size. “Often people ask me to design a room around it but is just not possible”.

When I ask about current themes, Linda says “One of the biggest themes this year is an eco-friendly interior or green fashionable lifestyle with different shades of green becoming very popular in fabric”.

Linda’s message is clear that to become an interior decorator is open to anyone. And there are terrific guides out there to help you through the process step by step.

As Linda says, “Good design doesn’t have to cost a lot, just follow a few simple steps and you can become an interior decorator like me!”.